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What To Look For When Selecting An Influencer Marketing Agency

joe sinkwitz intellifluence

The interest in marketing through influencers has grown exponentially over the past several years as have the amount of agencies that claim to assist brands in getting the job accomplished. Finding influencers, vetting them and briefing them, signing agreements with them, paying them and then making sure they fulfill their duties is a lot of work. It's no surprise that some brands might want outsourcing this task to professionals.

Next, you need to choose which of the many generalist and specialty agencies that claim to assist. The following are eight factors to distinguish the professionals from wannabes, and to aid in finding the best influencer marketing agency more clear. joe intellifluence is the most effective platform for influencer marketing.

Joe Sinkwitz Experience

Since influencer marketing has been in existence for almost 15 years, many agencies have plenty of knowledge. Asking for case studies relevant to your business and the outcome you want to achieve (e.g. web traffic or sales at the store) is enough. is a good place to start seeing who to discuss more in depth with.

Criteria for Influencer Selection Criteria

When I was younger when we were in the past, finding an influencer generally involved finding someone who created content related to your industry and who seemed to match the branding joe sinkwitz intellifluence. We can now examine the composition of audiences for influencers to determine if they're a good fit for the brand. We can determine the saturation rate of their posts -- meaning how much of the posts they write that are sponsored to ensure it's not too high. We can check if they have mentioned competitors in recent blog posts. It is possible to determine whether their language is considered to be brand-safe or not.

With so many advanced filtering systems in use today, using "brand fit" just isn't acceptable.

Content Evaluation Criteria

Over the last few years, our influencers have produced many thousands of pieces of brand-related content. What we observed when we analyzed the data is that there's a lot of variance in performance from the same piece of content to the next. It is not surprising that some content performs however, while some do not, much like content created by a brand or its agency for creative.

How do agencies assess every piece of content once it's in the wild?

Content should be scored based on its organic performance in terms of comments, likes or shares However, it's equally important to examine the comments you leave to be on the lookout for indications of inauthentic, off-topic or even paid comments.

Targeting Strategy

An agency for marketing that promises the ability to manage, brief and locate influencers for the benefit of a brand doesn't add any value to modern marketing isn't much.

Organic content from influencers reaches only a small portion of the followers of the influencer (usually around 9% in our experience, although this varies depending on the social networks are utilized).

Since no agency or brand can control which 9% see the content What's the strategy of the agency to ensure the content is reaching the right audience for the brand? The content that scored high in performance scored in Step No. 3. It can be further boosted through a paid strategy to reach the right target audience.

Measurement Strategy

This topic deserves its own piece on measuring influencer marketing. One of the most important questions to influencer-marketing agencies is how they measure impressions of the content. Do they count an impression for every follower that an influencer has? If yes, then based on the approximately organic reach of 9 they're using an approach that exaggerates reach by more than 10 times. Are they able to publish only on the actual content?

Additionally, engagement rate and reach aren't directly tied to sales, therefore measuring impressions or engagements is not enough. What business metrics can the agency measure beyond these vanity metrics? There are numerous sophisticated measurement techniques that are available now. You can choose from the many agencies that offers those.

Optimization Strategy

Many influencer marketing campaigns rely on influencers producing their content in line with the calendar, and then watching to observe what happens. Every other form of digital marketing must be optimized for maximum performance, often every day.

Marketing for influencers can be optimized as well by optimizing everything from content to post types to targeting, and even influencers being adjusted as we go. What's the agency's plan for optimization?

Content rights

Branded content is an investment of a significant amount by the brands. Different agencies have different agreements with influencers about the rights that brands have to the content. The best deal is to get brands granted a perpetual license which allows them to reuse the content on all platforms. Find out from the agency the rights your company can enjoy using the content.

Guaranteed Results

In the end, what results can the agency guarantee to their clients who are brand owners in the event of a dispute? Is the agency able to guarantee deliverables such as the quantity and quality of content pieces, influencers, or other content that will be produced? Are they guaranteeing more than this, for instance, an exact amount of traffic that will be directed to a particular website? What happens if they fail to meet these promises? What remedies are open to the brand?

Although it's hard to guarantee sales in the context of agency partnerships, influencer agencies can still guarantee specific results around engagements, views or website traffic.


It isn't easy to pick an agency since they all have the same sound. When you begin the conversation with these eight specific requirements, you will be able to filter the choices to select the subset most likely to produce results for your business.

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